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Setup electricity price and check your charging statistics

Features of the Charge Repay Service(Driver)

Implement your Electricity Contract for not paying more

Our service allows you to conveniently upload your electricity contract and make changes if required. We understand that electricity prices can change all the time, so we make sure you are always refunded at the current rate. By automatically extracting your current price, you can be sure that your refunds are always up to date. This automatic updating of your contract ensures that you receive the best possible financial settlement for your electricity consumption. Whether it’s changing your contract or reviewing your refunds, we make it easy and stress-free.

Statistics of charging

Our system not only offers you a simple overview of all charging processes carried out and the corresponding reimbursement amounts, but also goes beyond this. We provide you with a comprehensive range of statistics on your individual charging behavior to give you a detailed understanding of your electricity usage. From total usage duration to average charging times and the load on your charging infrastructure, our statistics provide you with valuable insights to help you optimize your energy behavior and manage your costs efficiently. Our user-friendly platform allows you to analyze your data and make informed decisions to increase your energy efficiency and minimize your expenses.

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