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Thanks to our three different connection variants, all common home wallboxes can be connected to the Charge Repay Service.

The installation of the gateway is explained step by step in our intuitive onboarding process. Basically, anyone can perform the installation. The installation is equivalent to the integration of any smart home product into the home network, such as a robot vacuum cleaner, sound system, smart light system, etc.

Yes, the installation of the MID meter may only be carried out by a certified electrician. In this case, we cooperate with a Germany-wide service network, which will gladly take care of the installation of the MID meter. After a video inspection, the control cabinet is checked for the possibility of installation. Subsequently, our technicians arrange an appointment for the installation on site.

Yes, we already work with the most common backend systems on the market and thus have the possibility to seamlessly integrate our service into your existing IT infrastructure. In addition, we offer open interfaces to our backend and can easily transfer the data to a wide variety of systems via the common communication protocols (OCPP , REST).

When billing in the home sector, the specifications of the measurement and calibration law must be respected, just as in the public sector. As long as a 1-to-1 relationship between the billing party (company) and the consumer (electric company car) can be guaranteed in the home sector, a simple MID meter is sufficient.

In order to enable the charging of private vehicles at the home charging station, we have developed a patented process that complies with the requirements of the measurement and calibration law and is still more cost-effective than the installation of a “calibration-conform” home wallbox.