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What is the process up to automated billing?


    You will receive an invitation to the Charge Repay Service by e-mail from your fleet manager. After accepting the invitation and registering in the service, you can select your currently installed wallbox. Based on the model and the fleet management guidelines, a decision is made as to whether additional hardware is required for the connection.


    If additional hardware is required, it will be sent to your home address. At the same time, our installation service provider will contact you and, if necessary, carry out a (remote) “pre-check” of the conditions in your fuse box. The MID meter is then installed. From this point, you can call up the service again and complete the installation of the gateway in order to bill your first charge.


    If you do not require any additional hardware, you will receive instructions during onboarding as to which adjustments you need to make to the interface of your wallbox.