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Can I continue to charge a private vehicle at the wallbox at home (compliance with calibration law)?

With the Charge Repay Service, it is generally possible to differentiate between business and private charging processes. Charging processes are assigned and authenticated via the web app provided. Legislation stipulates that an overall system that complies with calibration law must be used in the home sector. An MID-compliant meter in front of or in the wallbox is sufficient for this as long as only the company car is charged. In the likely event that another vehicle is also charged at the wallbox (albeit irregularly), we have developed a patented procedure to differentiate between the vehicles. However, this requires a hardware retrofit if no so-called calibration-compliant wallbox is available. With the help of the meter register of the installed MID meter, older and previously non-compliant wallbox models can also be used for calibration-compliant billing.