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BY Anton Schönenberg / ON Jul 11, 2024

Integration of the Charge Repay Service

When connecting each wallbox, the Charge Repay Service offers full flexibility. As a fleet manager, you also have many options for billing and reimbursement. The Charge Repay Service can be operated as a standalone solution with the reimbursement module or integrated into an existing billing system in various ways. This reduces manual efforts for fleet management and company car drivers. The reimbursement for energy charged at home is seamlessly processed through payroll or as a travel expense reimbursement.

Custom Fields in the Service

Fleet management can determine which additional keys should be assigned to a company car driver within the organization. The key values of the respective drivers can be set and adjusted during onboarding or afterwards. This enables continuous tracking and identification of the vehicle, driver, and cost positions. The possible key value categories can be configured via the “Settings” page. The configured categories are available as free text fields in the settings of the respective driver element. Key value categories that contain values can only be deleted after additional confirmation, preventing accidental deletion.

Visibility and Availability of Data

The set key values of the company car drivers are consistently displayed in the administrator’s view and are found in all exported billing records. For example, a company can store the employee number and the license plate of the company car as key values and use these entries in the exported CSV file to import the data into the HR system without additional data enrichment.


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