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BY Cedric Culkowski / ON Feb 22, 2024

The ongoing electrification of company cars presents companies with new challenges, especially when it comes to billing charging processes in employees’ homes. The heterogeneous wallbox concept in home environments makes it difficult to find a standardized solution that complies with calibration law. The various wallbox models have different interfaces and communication protocols and have not yet been able to be billed via a holistic solution.

The Charge Repay Service from Phoenix Contact Smart Business solves this problem. By integrating retrofit hardware, existing wallboxes can be retrofitted and enabled for billing in compliance with calibration law. By connecting to the service, users can differentiate between business and private charging processes in the web app and view their charging processes and the expected reimbursement.

Step-by-step automation and process optimization

Our colleagues, who use the service on a daily basis, covered numerous test cases and not only demonstrated patience in troubleshooting, but also took a close look at the service, usability and user-friendliness. The colleagues checked logic chains, processes and identified potential sources of error. The variety of wallbox models used by our colleagues enabled intensive testing of a wide range of models. This ensured that the service can be used flexibly and is effectively tailored to the needs of all users.

Feedback as the key to integrating service providers and developing new features

Due to the installation in a private environment, for example, we were dependent on user feedback on our installation service providers. Despite initial manual processes, sometimes involving several coordination emails and phone calls, our colleagues were always willing to provide feedback on the process. In addition to feedback on our service providers, some users also agreed to test new features that were still in the development phase. The combination of technical feedback on the functionality of the feature and user feedback on the usefulness of the innovation gave us a good orientation for the further development of our service.

Service receives positive market feedback in addition to internal development

In addition to the development of the service, the application for two patents, which ensure the uniqueness of the service, was also part of the development. The Charge Repay Service has also attracted external interest, partly due to the patents. Initial pilot phases with external customers have already been successfully completed. The market launch with a major mobility service provider is planned for the second quarter of 2024.

Conclusion: Success through user feedback and innovation

The combination of an innovative idea, customer-centric iterative processes and methods as well as continuous user engagement made it possible to develop a new business model that generates added value both internally and meets with external market demand.


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