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BY Anton Schönenberg / ON Mar 13, 2024

Differenciate between charging a company car and a private vehicle

Our state-of-the-art web application provides you with a comprehensive solution to accurately and efficiently allocate the costs incurred to different vehicles, regardless of whether they are for private or business use. With our user-friendly platform, you can not only make a clear distinction between private and business costs, but also easily manage and monitor the approval of costs for billing. This feature allows companies to accurately allocate costs for their fleet vehicles while transparently managing the private use of vehicles.

Easy Authentication via NFC or QR code

Even for wallboxes that are not smart, we offer a wide range of authentication methods to ensure that the charging process runs smoothly and securely. Our innovative technology allows you to easily authenticate the charging stations via different channels. Whether NFC or QR code, the choice is yours. By simply scanning the Charge Repay NFC or QR code, you can start charging quickly and conveniently without the need for complex installations or configurations. This not only ensures a user-friendly experience, but also maximum security during the charging process.


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