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BY Cedric Culkowski / ON Feb 14, 2024

API Car Connection and other options to simplify your life

Through our innovative API Car Connection, we not only provide you with an easy connection to your vehicle, but also open up a variety of smart services and features that enhance your driving experience. With our intelligent charge optimization, you can not only optimize your charging times, but also ensure that your vehicle is charged efficiently to extend battery life. In addition, our API gives you comprehensive access to real-time vehicle data, including battery status, charging speed, vehicle position and much more. Thanks to our automation function, you can also have the mileage transferred automatically, saving you time and effort and enabling accurate mileage billing. With our API Car Connection, the possibilities are limitless, giving you maximum control and convenience over your vehicle.

Revolutionizing electric vehicle charging: Introducing Plug & Charge Now

Our Plug & Charge Now system revolutionizes the way you charge your electric vehicle with its seamless integration and automated features. As soon as you plug in your vehicle to charge, our intelligent system automatically recognizes your vehicle and assigns charging to either business or private charging as required. This automatic allocation not only saves time and effort, but also ensures accurate billing and management of your charging activities. In addition, our system offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to keep an eye on the charging process at all times. With Plug & Charge Now, you can rest assured that your vehicle is always optimally charged while you can focus on more important things.


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