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Explore individual settings in detail and optimize your workflow. Learn how to tailor configurations to suit your specific needs with our comprehensive guide.


BY Cedric Culkowski / ON Feb 28, 2024

Streamline compliance: manage calibration aw compliance effortlessly with our service

In the administrator area of the Charge Repay Service, you have the option of making organization-wide settings. This allows you to control the usage possibilities of your drivers in accordance with your company’s guidelines. In particular, compliance with the applicable regulations of the calibration law can be ensured. The notification options and options for covering the costs of hardware and installation are also possible.

Tailored expanse allocation for driver satisfaction

Our platform allows companies to set customized billing and expense allocation settings to meet the needs and preferences of their drivers. With our flexible setting options, you can customize the type of reimbursement, timing of expense allocation and other relevant parameters for all drivers in your company. These individual settings allow you to optimize billing processes and ensure that drivers are reimbursed according to company policies and legal requirements. By customizing the settings, companies can ensure transparent and efficient expense processing that contributes to driver satisfaction and compliance with company standards.


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