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BY Anton Schönenberg / ON Mar 06, 2024

Streamline analysis: simplify reporting with PDF and CSV exports

Our PDF and CSV export function allows you to benefit from clear reports that include a detailed listing of all driver charging activities, as well as the corresponding rates and reimbursements. These exports provide you with a transparent and easy-to-understand summary that allows you to keep track of your drivers’ charging activities while performing accurate billing. With these exports, you can easily analyze data, identify trends and make informed decisions to efficiently manage your charging costs. You can also enrich the export with custom identifiers to easily integrate them into your accounting systems.

Easy payments: simplify billing with our automated payout solution

Our simple payout solution offers you a smooth and fully automated billing process. With our service, we collect the total amount from you every month via a SEPA mandate and then take care of reimbursing drivers according to their individual consumption. This process is not only user-friendly, but also extremely efficient and reliable. You don’t have to worry about complicated billing or manual payments – our system takes care of everything for you. Our simple payout solution allows you to focus on your core business while we take care of the financial details and ensure your drivers are properly compensated.


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