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Charge Repay Service – Your company home charging solution

You Charge. We Repay.

The Charge Repay Service collects billing-relevant data from domestic wallboxes and enables calibration-compliant and kWh-accurate billing for electric vehicles. Independent of the wallbox used!



50% cost saving compared to replacing your wallbox with a calibration law compliant one


Connect your existing wallbox & unrestricted flexibel choice for new installations

Sustainable & compliant

Retrofitting of (existing) wallboxes is sustainable and legally compliant with calibration law

Our Solution

Your 360° solution for home reimbursement with any wallbox

With the 360° solution, company car drivers only need to be invited to use the service – we take care of the rest. The Charge Repay Service offers all necessary components from invitation to reimbursement.

Automated Onboarding
User‘s existing hardware and installation requirements are automatically caputured and processed.

Certified Installation
Installation of the MID meter is carried out by certified electricians from one of our partners.

We transfer the money directly and automatically to the company car driver. The company receives a total monthly invoice.

Connect them all

Regardless of whether a home charging station is already installed at the company car driver’s premises or a new one is to be purchased. With the Charge Repay Service, data can be recorded for reimbursement in compliance with calibration law, regardless of the home charging station. 

Depending on the existing installation, the wallbox is connected to one of our three connection options (direct, gateway, metre) and linked to our service.

Different Views

Driver View Admin View

Driver Subscription
Simple and flexible booking of the Charge Repay Subscription via our Service Store

Driver Invitation
Drivers can be invited to the service via e-mail. Once invited, the driver follows the fully automated onboarding process through to reimbursement


Alessandro Alberani

The installation went completely smooth. I had prepared the gateway according to the simple instructions provided. The technician spent about 45 – 60 minutes on the installation. The service runs flawlessly and is very user-friendly.

Alessandro Alberani – Phoenix Contact, Senior Director Development/Quality Laboratory
Hans-Jürgen Koch – Phoenix Contact, Executive Vice President of Industry Management & Automation

It’s a great solution for the user. I don’t have to worry about anything anymore. Now I plug the vehicle charging connector into my car, a window opens in the web app, I say whether it’s a business or private charging process and that’s it. It’s all very easy.

Hans-Jürgen Koch – Phoenix Contact, Executive Vice President of Industry Management & Automation
Michael Sterz

The Phoenix Contact Smart Business solution is easy to use and gives me the option of assigning different loads according to my needs. The company accepts feedback and continues to develop the Smart Service based on it.

Michael Sterz – Phoenix Contact, Head of Corporate Purchase Governance


Thanks to our three different connection variants, all common home wallboxes can be connected to the Charge Repay Service.

The installation of the gateway is explained step by step in our intuitive onboarding process. Basically, anyone can perform the installation. The installation is equivalent to the integration of any smart home product into the home network, such as a robot vacuum cleaner, sound system, smart light system, etc.

Yes, the installation of the MID meter may only be carried out by a certified electrician. In this case, we cooperate with a Germany-wide service network, which will gladly take care of the installation of the MID meter. After a video inspection, the control cabinet is checked for the possibility of installation. Subsequently, our technicians arrange an appointment for the installation on site.

Yes, we already work with the most common backend systems on the market and thus have the possibility to seamlessly integrate our service into your existing IT infrastructure. In addition, we offer open interfaces to our backend and can easily transfer the data to a wide variety of systems via the common communication protocols (OCPP , REST).

When billing in the home sector, the specifications of the measurement and calibration law must be respected, just as in the public sector. As long as a 1-to-1 relationship between the billing party (company) and the consumer (electric company car) can be guaranteed in the home sector, a simple MID meter is sufficient.

In order to enable the charging of private vehicles at the home charging station, we have developed a patented process that complies with the requirements of the measurement and calibration law and is still more cost-effective than the installation of a “calibration-conform” home wallbox.

I am a company car driver and user of the Charge Repay Service and like to get more information regarding the installation and the service itself.

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